How Can You Become a Better Marketer – Mindset Introduction

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Marketing is everywhere around us; it’s part of our lives these days.

And nowadays it’s not about how you can sell but about…

“Who can you help?”

Marketing shouldn’t be spammy, shameful and should rely on empathy, respect, and service.

If you can’t find a way to help someone, then you can’t be successful.

Helping someone is a marketer’s way of serving people.

Your role as a marketer is to change people’s lives for the better:

  • Better versions of themselves;
  • The ones they seek to be;
  • Please help them to decide, act and achieve their dreams.

There are 5 steps to marketing

  1. Invent something worth buying, with a beautiful, worth telling story, and add a contribution worth talking about.
  2. Design and build it in a unique way. In a form that people could care about. If you can’t stand out, even though what you have to share is extraordinary, then it’s all lost if you’re not seen.
  3. Tell a story. A story that matches the pre-built narrative and dreams of the group you are targeting. Create the group, then the product.
  4. Success – Spread the word. I’m always excited to share everything, the most fantastic step.
  5. Consistency. If you want to be successful, show up regularly for days and days to come. Organize, lead, build.

About ideas

How Can You Become a Better Marketer - Mindset Introduction

If you want to win, then your ideas have to spread.

Deliver personal, relevant messages to the specific group that you want to grow and which people want to see.

The only way to succeed is to solve the consumer’s problem; if you can’t do that, then = no success.

People do not want what you want, they want the key to their problem, and if you can’t give them the key to the lock, then you’re set for failure.

The perfect way to earn your audience’s attention, trust, loyalty is through consistency and frequent stories.

And in a world cluttered with noise, attention is a delight, so you have to earn it.

Make a change by creating a culture.

“Culture beats strategy—so much that culture is strategy.”

As a marketer, you should know this

How Can You Become a Better Marketer - Mindset Introduction
  1. Committed, creative people can change the world;
  2. You cannot change everyone;
  3. Change is best made with intent;
  4. Tell a story, don’t persuade someone into your deck;
  5. What people say about you is more important than what you say about yourself.

Change people through stories, connections, and experience.

What do people want?

How Can You Become a Better Marketer - Mindset Introduction

Everybody wants the end product, to feel the experience of the end road.

People don’t want to buy a drilling machine; they need the hole it makes on the shelf.

Going even further, they don’t want the hole but a shelf that will go on the wall once the hole it’s made.

And the satisfaction that they’ve done it themselves increases the reward even more.


People don’t want what you make, but what it will do for them, the experience of the end product.

So, what you sell is the road to the feeling they want to experience.

  1. Who’s it for?
  2. What’s it for?

What does a marketer do?

How Can You Become a Better Marketer - Mindset Introduction
  1. Creates stories. Everybody loves a good story, so be like your grandpa. Stories that resonate with our target customer. True stories, made real through products and services.
  2. Connects with people. They want to feel seen and known. If you make them be part of something, then your story is already sold.
  3. Creates experiences.

Marketing means change. And.

Change comes with responsibility

How Can You Become a Better Marketer - Mindset Introduction

If you want to change people and create a culture, you have to be responsible.

Because your message can reach thousands of people, and it has to be a good chance for them.

Am I correct? Of course I am.

Step 1

Start small; it’s easy to lose track of your goal if it’s directed to changing the world and trying to become one of the world’s wonders.

If your steps are too big, then you will find excuses when you won’t be able to take move forward.

Be very specific about what you want to change and make it happen, and then apply this to a bigger vision and keep going.

Step 2

Now you want to defend what you’re building/selling.

Transform outsiders into insiders, exclusive to inclusive.

As soon as you realize what you want to change, you realize that you cannot change everyone.

There’s too much everyone.

So the next step is to change someone.

If people share a belief, a group, an idea, then they are easier to get together.

Once you decide on “who’s it for?” everything will become clear to you, and doors will open.

Share your beliefs, ideas, dreams, and the right people will gather around you or do the versa. Choose people based on their beliefs, thoughts, dreams <- It’s easier to create something around someone than convert someone to your beliefs.

You don’t have to satisfy everyone and do not offend anyone; that is average. Build a personality.

You don’t have to change the whole world. If you can reach one hundred people, two hundred, a thousand, then that’s good.

What kind of people to target?

  1. That want what you’re offering;
  2. Open to hearing your message;
  3. Who will send the message to the right people;

Choose the people you serve; choose your future.

Specific is what’s selling

How Can You Become a Better Marketer - Mindset Introduction

Niching down, and even if you’re helping a small group of people, it will be worth it even more down the road.

When I started this blog, I didn’t know where to begin.

Everything seemed enormous, and even though I didn’t niche down that much, I still love the idea of what I’m doing.

The truth is, there is no shortcut to becoming wealthy.

But being extra specific can help you grow a community faster cause of the low competition. Being easier to organize your project, your life, and your organization.

Focus your attention on this group’s wants and watch the change happen. A change that people will be talking about.

Go simple and then expand on it.

Your creation isn’t for everyone; it’s only for those who signed up for it.

They will attack you

How Can You Become a Better Marketer - Mindset Introduction

After you start marketing to the masses, the so-called “haters,” “nonbelievers,” will come for you.

But do not forget that your mission started with an idea. An idea shared by the people you managed to put together in a group.

This group:

  • Is the important one, keep adding people to it and do not care about the bad-mouthed ones;
  • They are the ones who will understand you and fall in love with your mission;
  • The ones who feel like they are part of something beautiful.

This will lead to traction and engagement.

It doesn’t matter what the people you do not serve think about you. What matters is the lives you can change.

The purple dye of marketing

There’s this one purple dye, where a tiny bit goes a long way.

If you drop a teaspoon of it in a pool, the whole pool becomes purple permanently, but if you drop it in an ocean, no one will ever notice anything.

SO what you seek to share doesn’t have to be spread to everyone but to someone.

Focus your attention on a small pool. Then move to a bigger pool and so on.

How can you make an impact?

  1. Start with empathy;
  2. Focus on the smallest viable market;
  3. Match the worldview of the people being served;
  4. Make it easy to spread;
  5. Earn, and keep, the attention and trust of those you serve;
  6. Go deeper;
  7. Show up.

In conclusion

Becoming a better marketer means having integrity and respecting your audience.

To know what they want and give it to them.

If you cannot solve their problems, then what is your purpose?

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