6 Healthy Morning Habits That Will Transform Your Day

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Ask yourself this.

Why should I improve myself? Why should I build healthy habits?

The answer is, so you don’t suffer any more than you have to, and maybe so others don’t have to either.

If you don’t organize yourself properly, you will pay for it in a big way.

Challenge yourself to become better.

Let’s get your act together.

So how can we get your act together?

The things you do every day are the most important things you do. They create you.

Drink water

6 Healthy Morning Habits That Will Transform Your Day

Drinking water is one of the most important things you can do in the morning and really simple to include in your daily morning routine.

Benefits of drinking water in the morning:

  • Increases Energy;
  • Speeds Up Your Metabolism;
  • Helps In Reducing Weight;
  • Improves Your Skin;
  • Promotes Healthy Hair;
  • Strengthens Immune System;
  • Flushes Toxins From The Body.

So how much water should you drink daily?

Here’s a calculator to help you.

Always keep water by your side; this way, you can take a sip every time you see the bottle.

Or drink a glass of water every time you take a bathroom break.


6 Healthy Morning Habits That Will Transform Your Day

Meditation will change your life; as I compare myself with the past, I’m far better. I get mental clarity that’s quite helpful from the very small to big decisions of life.

How much time do you spend cleaning your subconscious mind?

There is an accumulation of experiences and quite often unresolved emotional trauma over a long period of time, which you need to heal.

Who you are right now is the sum total of your entire life. It’s not an overnight process. It may take days, months, or even years.

How do you approach mediation?

If you have never meditated before, then I recommend meditating 3 minutes a day.

If you begin with 10 or 30 minutes, it may feel like a chore, and you won’t have the patience to go over this period of time successfully. This isn’t sustainable.

Creating a daily ritual is extremely important in meditation. Don’t check your phone, emails, or any other electronics; go straight to the bathroom, drink a glass of water and then sit in a place for 3 minutes and meditate.

The process of meditation

Sit with your spine straight, close your eyes, take a slow deep breath in, and then exhale really slowly. Concentrate on your breathing. Or you can simply lay down on your back.

Visualization is an essential step in meditation. Visualize your entire body filling with pure white energy.

If you catch yourself overthinking, just become aware of the thoughts and let them go.

Do this at your own pace and repeat for 3 minutes.

Clean your room

6 Healthy Morning Habits That Will Transform Your Day

Now that you cleared your mind, it’s time to clear your surroundings too.

A clear space equals a clear mind. A cluttered house is a cluttered mind.

A cleanroom can help you wake up to a calm start to your day.

So a simple way to be happier is to make your bed in the morning. Taking a small step to create outer order, you create inner calm. Making your bed in the morning is correlated with better productivity, a greater sense of well-being.

Cleaning your room will produce a few health benefits, like feeling less stressed and distracted by the cluttered surroundings.

Do this 10 minutes every day so it won’t feel like a chore.

  • Organize the papers on your desk;
  • Clean under your bed;
  • Make your bed;
  • Throw the trash;
  • Dust off your desk, room, working space.
  • Etc.


6 Healthy Morning Habits That Will Transform Your Day

Journaling is really great for clearing your mind.

There are no rules to journaling; you can write whatever comes into your mind. It’s open to any possibility.

It’s the relationship between you, a pen, and the paper. Be creative about it!

Whatever you write in your journal doesn’t have to sound fantastic; it doesn’t have to be filtered.

You can write everything that comes to your mind, even things like “I’m so tired,” that way, you clear your mind in the morning, you take out the junk.

Put it on the paper, and if you need to revisit, it’s written, so you don’t have to think about it throughout the day.

How can you turn journaling into a habit?

#1 Be consistent

For the best chances of success, try doing this at the same time every day, when you wake up in the morning or before you go to bed.

  • Set a reminder on your phone
  • Leave your notebook in plain sight on the bed/desk

#2 Pick a nice notebook

A lovely notebook might help you maintain your journaling habit because you get a little bit of enjoyment every time you open it. Your brain will begin seeing it as a reward and associate it with journaling.

3# You don’t need to write everything

You don’t have to write a minute-by-minute narration of your daily life, as it might get really boring and be seen as a chore rather than something that helps you.

If you don’t feel like writing about a specific event, feeling, emotion, then don’t write about it. If you don’t need to process it, then don’t write about it.

4# Add structure with lists and questions

Structuring your day journal with lists and questions can be easier than just writing pages of emotions, feelings, and events.

It’s easier to write your ideas and reread them this way.

For example:

Things I’m grateful forThis beautiful morning;
Staying on the right track;
Loving myself.
Things I’m looking forward to todayLearning a new language – 30 new words;
Reading – 30 pages;
Working out – 1 hour.
Things that I’ve accomplished todayYou can write here whatever made you feel good for the day.
Good decisions I’ve made todayGood calls you made for you.
I am affirmationsChange your thinking patterns, love yourself, be the reason you are happy/ the source of your happiness.

5# Use separate journals

I use two journals:

  1. A daily one;
  2. And one full of emotions.

I use the daily one for morning/evening routines. It’s filled with mundane and repetitive events that happen every day, and I keep track of them.

And the other journal I use to process my feelings and use it to show my therapist what I’m thinking.

We do not meet every day, my therapist and me, so this helps me keep track of the things I’m going through. As I feel something is bothering me, I usually write it out with the specific words and emotions I’m feeling at that moment. Of course, this isn’t possible all day, as I do not keep the journal with me when I’m going out.

But I do write about what is making me anxious or what keeps me out at night as soon as I can get my hands on the journal.

This one is helping me a lot to process feelings or get rid of them for a period until I learn to see everything that bothers me from a new perspective.

A change of perspective may, sometimes, come really fast, or sometimes it can take days or weeks.


6 Healthy Morning Habits That Will Transform Your Day

Get your body moving; get stretching.

By exercising in the morning for 5 minutes, you will win the day. A simple mobility routine will go a long way.

  • Warms up the muscles;
  • Lubricates joints;
  • Increases brain function;
  • Improves mood;
  • Increases energy;
  • Enhances metabolism.

To-do list

6 Healthy Morning Habits That Will Transform Your Day

In order for your next day to be set up and know where to start it, write a to-do list the night before.

Keep it as realistic as possible so you won’t postpone or procrastinate on every task.

You can write two columns, in one the things you realistically can do in that day and in the second tab the ones that you need to get done within the week.

7:00 – 9:00 WorkoutWash your car
9:00 – 10:00 Shower/BreakfastPay bills
10:30 – 12:00 Read 30 pagesGroceries
12:00 And so onAnd so on

If you have any demanding tasks to be done on that day, do it in the morning to not stress about it the whole day.

The pillar to an organized and happy life is building healthy habits you can count on every day.

This way, when you will go through hard times, you will be able to maintain yourself until they are over.

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