5 Incredible Business Etiquette Tips – How to be Remembered

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New connections have to begin with the right foot.

First impressions matter the most.

This is how someone you’ve just met will remember you.

You cannot further the connection if you make a terrible first impression.

These tips can be applied to your daily life as well as to your business life.

5 Business Etiquette Tips:

  1. Shake their hand;
  2. Remember people’s names;
  3. Introduce yourself with confidence;
  4. Show interest by asking questions;
  5. End a conversation gracefully.

How to shake hands

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Don’t overlook the importance of a good handshake in business or even in your regular day-to-day life.

It tells the other person that you are:

  • confident;
  • self-assured;
  • open and happy that you’re meeting them.

This helps you form a better connection with them and establish your reputation and brand as a leader.


  • Introduce yourself – Tell the person who you are before shaking their hand.
  • Dry your hand – never lend a sweaty palm. Wipe them or air them out.
  • Never leave an extended hand hanging. Use the correct hand. Most of the time, we use the right hand, and I’ve seen lefties lend their right hand too, but sometimes they would extend their left hand.
  • Always stand up. This is how you show respect to the one shaking your hand.
  • Make eye contact. As you are shaking their hand, look them in the eyes.
  • Grip firmly. Don’t apply too much pressure; that will seem arrogant and aggressive. A firm and consistent grip are perfect.
  • Shake 2-3 times, for 3-4 seconds. Keep it short and straightforward.


  • Avoid offering a handshake unannounced – You might end up with your hand hanging in the air if they’re not paying attention;
  • Don’t apply too much pressure – you don’t want to seem rude;
  • Don’t extend a sweaty hand.

Why remembering people’s names in conversation is important

5 Incredible Business Etiquette Tips - How to be Remembered

Do you know what the most important word is in every language?

It’s the name of a person.

By remembering their name, you will give an excellent first impression.

It’s something magical when it comes to names.

When I hear my name, I feel excellent. I feel a connection with the person calling me. I feel like they care about me. I feel exceedingly more comfortable around them. I feel important to them.

If you want to build strong connections with the people in your business, coworkers, friends, family, social groups, clients, then use their names in conversations.

These 5 tips will help you remember names easier:

  1. Meet and Repeat. Use their name as soon as they are introducing themselves to you. “Hei, Ana, nice meeting you!”. Use their names throughout the conversation.
  2. Spell it out. This can be more unusual, but you can tell them to spell out their name; it will help you retain the name if you have a visual memory, as it creates a mental picture of the person’s name. You can ask them for their business card. Add them as soon as you can to your cellphone.
  3. Associate. Associate their name with an object or something you can easily remember. “Picture images that sound like a person’s name — and combine it with other things you know about them. If you meet someone named Laura from Brazil, imagine her with a laurel wreath on her head swimming in the Amazon River.” <- Cited.
  4. Make connections. If you know someone else with the same name, you can associate them with that person in order to retain it.
  5. Choose to care. How many times did you not give attention to the ones presenting themselves? We aren’t focused when the introduction takes place, so if we could care more, then it will be easier to remember.

Try it, and you will see it.

How to introduce yourself with confidence

5 Incredible Business Etiquette Tips - How to be Remembered

Most people don’t introduce themselves with confidence cause of their introverted nature because they’re young or have never been taught how to do it properly.

This can lead to people thinking about you that you aren’t confident or self-assured. And this can damage your reputation.

There are a few things you can do to be more confident and begin with a good start:

  1. State your name;
  2. Say, “Nice to meet you!”;
  3. Dress for the occasion;
  4. Smile sincerely;
  5. Make eye contact;
  6. Be aware of your body language – Be relaxed!

Why asking questions helps you show interest in the other person

5 Incredible Business Etiquette Tips - How to be Remembered

When you meet somebody new or reconnect with an old friend, asking questions is a great way to make that person feel important and appreciated.

It shows that you have an interest in their life, career, mission, what they do, and care about them as a person.

Showing interest and asking the other person questions is a great way to build the “Know, like, and trust” factor.

The “Know, like, and trust” factor is essential for developing business relationships and creating your reputation.

Questions you could ask:

  1. What excites you right now? 
  2. What are you looking forward to?
  3. What’s the best thing that’s happened to you this year?
  4. What’s the most important thing I should know about you? 
  5. What’s your story?
  6. What is one of your defining moments?
  7. Why did you choose your profession?
  8. What are you currently reading?
  9. How can I be most helpful to you right now? 

How to answer these questions:

  1. Give a short answer;
  2. Back up with evidence;
  3. Transition – Turn the conversation back to the other person.

How to end a conversation gracefully

5 Incredible Business Etiquette Tips - How to be Remembered
See you later, Alligator!

Learning how to end a conversation is a skill that everybody needs to develop.

It’s essential because you might have to end a conversation because your time ran up or because there’s an emergency or a call you have to take.

If you end a conversation abruptly, you might seem as rude.

5 Tips on how to end your conversation:

  1. Excuse yourself;
  2. Ask for the other person’s card/number, or give the other person your card;
  3. Ask to connect on social media;
  4. Plan a get-together;
  5. Say thank you and goodbye;

“I’ve really enjoyed speaking with you [name] about [topic], but I have to get to a meeting. Here’s my number. Let’s organize another time to meet and talk about it.”

In conclusion

These tips will help you handle social situations because you will know what to do.

It will help you approach the situations with confidence and convey confidence to other people.

In the end, you’ll look like a confident person.

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