I’m an under-construction project.

I aspire to do many things but cannot focus on anything; this blog aims to help other people achieve their dreams and help me keep track of my evolution.

My artistic side skyrocketed in the last few months, and I want to focus on developing it. Personal development, changing my mindset to an abundance one, productivity, these values have to be mined constantly, for them to be able to create.


Half of what you desire will be achieved a few months from now.
New things will embrace you elegantly and help create a new you.
Even though it’s just the beginning, this will be a worthy path!
Whatever your dreams look like, I’m here to share all my knowledge, mindset to support you on your journey.
If you want to live your days on your terms and change your attitude towards yourself, you are in the perfect place.
And why are you in the perfect place? Because that’s what I’m doing with my life too. Change it.
This will be a challenging journey to ride. It will be overwhelming and intimidating. But it all starts now, conquer yourself and move towards the rainbow! <- Yeah, I don’t know about that.
Everybody has the power to live their ideal life.
Let’s create your dream life!